Talons of Verdan

The Talons of Verdan were a group of ravens dedicated to overthrowing the mageocracy of Nevar, fighting for equality for non-mages, and also to bring down the Council of Magi which they viewed as irredeemably corrupt. They were lead by Torin.

After the Council was overthrown and Torin took a place in the new leadership, it has technically disbanded, though the effects to reputation of being part of the Talons has not, for good or ill.

The Talons worked by remaining camoflaged within the populace, and employed a number of ruthless tactics to fight against a much more powerful government, including false flag operations, acts of propaganda, espionage, murder, and terrorism.

The Talons also did a great number of things to help those in need, especially non-mages who were struggling in the mageocracy of the city, and risked the fall of their organization when they teamed up with some defecting Ravenguards to try to save the residents of the Poor District when the Council ordered it burned.

Victory Over the Council of Magi
The Talons ultimately succeeded against the Council of Magi. The major event that began this was the Massacre of Westreach. When the Talons discovered the experiments on cloned Swarm within Nifhel. They planted a Swarm lure within the facility and arranged for the Swarm to escape the Ravenguard perimeter around the Swarmgate. Westreach, where Nifhel was built, was overrun by Swarm. Most of its inhabitants were slaughtered as a result.

While the Ravenguard were busy trying to kill the escaped Swarm, the Talons advertised that the Council of Magi were creating the Swarm in the facility and that they had broken out rather than in. They claimed the Council was creating more Swarm to justify demanding more magic from mages, and keeping non-mages struggling constantly to support the mages that defended them from this artificially enhanced threat.

This was, of course, only a half-truth. The Council were not creating Swarm, but had created the Swarmgate in the first place, and were intentionally leaving it open for its mana crystals. The Talons decided not to disclose this as it could cause the neighbors they depended on to turn on the ravens as a whole when they discovered that they had been giving tributes to ravens for centuries to help them protect the lands from a threat they themselves had created – even if by accident.

This caused a wave of doubt among the populace that was further exasperated when the Council declared a quarantine on the Poor District, then attempted to burn it down to both secure mana crystals that had begun appearing there, and kill the heavy concentration of Talon supporters in the district.

When the clone of Magi Vali Leaflight leaked this plan, it fractured the Ravenguard into three factions (Loyalists, those who followed High Commander Falkstrom, and those who followed Gavin Ashenwing). The latter two turned against the Council. This ultimately lead to their downfall.

Due to the Talons consistent support of Gavin Ashenwing during the Swarm attacks on Nevar and the overthrow of the Council, Torin was made one of the leaders in the new Council of Nevar.

Talons of Verdan

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