Swarm Plane

The Swarm Plane is a harmonic plane to the one Tirandra resides in. It was bridged to this plane by the Swarmgate until the Gate was closed.

The air in the Swarm Plane is thick, wavering and causes distorted vision. The sky is a bright orange.

Most of the flora of the Swarm Plane has not been identified. It includes tall red grass that glows orange when disturbed and causes ripples of light outwards from the disturbance’s center. Other examples include giant stumpy orange plants with dozens of stalks and semi-transparent bulbs on the ends, and trees shaped like spiral fans.

All flora of the Swarm Plane that has been observed seem to grow in large clusters, and are all connected to one another, utilizing defense mechanisms that depend on the group as a whole to function effectively.

There are many animal species in the Swarm Plane, most of which have never been identified. All known ones have hive minds of one sort or another.

Known species are:

Swarm Plane

Bob shadowcheets